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App store pushes past 10,000 iPad apps

Keith M

It was December of 2008 when the app store boasted carrying over 10,000 apps, back when something called an iPad was just a sparkle in our eyes (and probably called something much different). That feat took six months to accomplish. The 20,000 app mark took another three months.

Today -- only three months since the iPad's release -- the app store is listing the current iPad-native app count at over 10,000. To see this, you can visit the "Featured" section of the app store on an iPad, then select the "Release Date" tab. It's likely that, by the time you do this, your number will be a hundred or more higher than ours (pictured at right).

At first notice of this, I was pretty impressed. I mean, the iPad halved the time it took for the iPhone to reach the same app count. But really, this isn't all that surprising or remarkable when you consider the number of pre-existing iPhone apps that needed very little tweaking to become iPad native, plus the success of iPad sales.

Now, when is TapTapTap going to make an iPad app mosaic to celebrate this feat?

[via TechCrunch]

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