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iPhone 4 may natively support Facebook video uploads

Keith M

Maybe this is the kind thing that would make Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg like his iPhone a little more.

The folks over at dug into the iOS 4 SDK, and found some XML code that seems to indicate that video uploads to Facebook will be integrated with the new OS on the iPhone 4. Most likely they'll show up as an option for submitting your recorded videos direct from the native iOS video app.

While this is a little bit of an brow-raiser, it's not completely surprising. When you consider the reported Facebook integration coming for calendars and contacts, among other things, it's a natural progression

It's a bit odd, however, to have this capability native to iOS, when the official Facebook iPhone app already supports video uploads. I'm just wondering when Facebook's remaining iOS developers are going to get around to an iPad native Facebook app; I mean, how hard can it be?

[via Engadget]

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