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Nintendo E3 keynote, live from the Nokia Center

We're in LA's Nokia Center, just 20 minutes from the beginning of Nintendo's E3 2010 keynote. Of course, you've got your Nintendo bingo card printed out to follow along at home, ready for Reggie to drop the 3DS and, who knows, maybe a Wii HD? Too much to ask you say? Hit the jump, let's go!

10:18AM Wii demo stations just rose up out of the floor, with Zelda: Skyward Sword.

10:16AM They're bringing 3DS systems, tethered to models, out to demonstrate in the theater today.

10:15AM Bowser just jumped out of Miyamoto and Iwata's Mario nightmare world and set Reggie on fire.

10:14AM They're going to attempt to communicate the 3DS experience on stage. It's a video in which Mario jumps out of a 3DS, slaps a moustache on Iwata, and yanks him into the screen. A puppy jumped out at Miyamoto! Guys, if this thing generates puppies, it's going to be a hit.

10:13AM "What's added, literally, is a new dimension," Reggie says. Well, the appearance of a new dimension.

10:11AM Professor Layton, Dead or Alive, FIFA, Madden, as well.

10:10AM Street Fighter, Resident Evil... devs are now on video talking about the screen. Kojima had to be told to sit down, he said.

10:09AM He's flashing a big list of third party games, including DJ Hero 3D, Saints Row, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Ridge Racer, Assassin's Creed, and... ! The Metal Gear Solid franchise.

10:07AM "Mr. Miyamoto is working on a 3D version of Nintendogs." Called Nintendogs + Cats. 3D cats are the best kind!

10:06AM That means new stages and other content can be downloaded automatically. There's no monthly fee for any of the 3DS online services.

10:05AM There will be a 3D trailer on the show floor, but it's not playable. "But it's not just the 3D graphics that make Nintendo 3DS unique." 3DS automatically searches for wi-fi points or 3DS systems even with the lid closed. It's similar to the DS's tag mode. Unlike the DS's tag mode, however, the hardware supports this feature even while other games are running.

10:03AM It's a 3DS game, to clarify. It just LOOKS like a Wii game.

10:03AM It appears to be a rail shooter like Sin & Punishment. Pit runs along the ground and also flies, aiming with a reticle and attacking formations of enemies. The voice acting is just ... okay, the voice acting isn't the part to talk about here.

10:02AM Kid Icarus: Uprising. This looks like a Wii game.

10:01AM Masahiro Sakurai's Project Sora studio was created specifically to design 3DS games. That first game is Kid Icarus.

10:00AM "Nintendo 3DS is also capable of displaying 3D Hollywood movies." Iwata revealed this to an audible "whaaaaat" from the audience. There are no details being announced, but they're showing trailers on 3DS at the Nintendo booth.

9:59AM There's a motion sensor and a gyro sensor in the 3DS. There's one camera on the inside, and two camera lenses on the outside, so you can take 3D photos.

9:58AM The graphics alone might cause a lot of enthusiasm in the development community. They've been improved in an unspecified capacity.

9:57AM The bottom screen has a touch panel. "A touch screen and 3D screen do not get along very well." That's why there's no touch screen on the top this time.

9:56AM There's a 3D depth slider on the console to control the 3D effect.

9:56AM "Nintendo 3DS is our answer" to the question of how to make 3D games mass-market.

9:55AM Satoru Iwata walked out into the fog. "Everyone: this is Nintendo 3... D... S." It's got an analog stick above, a d-pad, four face buttons, select/home/start buttons. The top screen is 3.5 inches and widescreen.

9:54AM The 3DS is rising out of the stage in a foggy cube.

9:54AM "Nothing between you and the experience," according to the trailer.

9:53AM "Man, those glasses. Make no mistake, that kind of fashion-forward statement doesn't come cheap." Take that, every other 3D display system.

9:52AM "3D play on Nintendo 3DS is on the way."

9:51AM "Donkey Kong Country Returns." "We're going back to the jungle this holiday," Reggie says.

9:50AM It's a sidescroller, in the Donkey Kong Country style. Diddy Kong is riding on DK's back. They're jumping from barrel to barrel, collecting bananas. No, that wasn't a joke before, that we're drawing out. Retro is making a Donkey Kong game.

9:49AM "As you know, Retro Studios in Texas produced some great Metroid titles." And now, Retro Studios is making a Donkey Kong game.

9:49AM We're now seeing new Metroid: Other M footage. It's very quick cuts of running, a bit of Morph Ball, a quick shot of one of the series' trademark elevators -- scanning appears to be back, as well. "What hasn't been lost is the sense of isolation and exploration" from the franchise. That's out on August 31.

9:46AM Dragon Quest IX now. "It practically begs for multiplayer action." Dragon Quest IX includes quests for up to four players in local multiplayer, and also allows you to collect new items and quests in Tag Mode. He's reminding us of the July 11 date.

9:44AM "Even with its new art style, the most obvious difference with Kirby's Epic Yarn isn't the art style, but the way it works." It's in the booth, and on sale this fall.

9:44AM "Kirby's Epic Yarn." Kirby is made of two loops of yarn, and the world is patchwork fabric. He can throw a thread of yarn out and swing on it. He also has traditional Kirby abilities like UFO. And now he's a giant Kirby bot.

9:42AM Reggie is now bringing up Masahiro Sakurai, creator of Smash Bros. and Kirby. There's a big Kirby on the screen. Gamers "know Kirby's got game." Kirby's getting a new game! There are a lot of fabric/yarn metaphors.

9:41AM "We had to find a balance of heritage and innovation" worthy of both Nintendo and Disney. "Play style matters" is Spector's motto for this game. And now Spector is out, like a ghost! Sorry, that was terrible.

9:39AM Wasteland is a hub world. There are "action zones" on display at the Disney booth, and "travel zones," like we're seeing now. "These are side-scrolling levels -- I bet you could tell" based on classic Mickey cartoons, in this case Steamboat Willie.

9:38AM You can use paint and thinner to achieve your goals, and depending on how you react to situations (defeating enemies vs. befriending them, for example) affects both the world and your reputation.

9:37AM The core game mechanic, drawing and erasing, is meant to be a signature ability for Mickey, to restore the character to stardom, according to Spector. "Players can now change the game world to save it." "How you change the world changes how the world looks, of course, but also changes how other characters deal with you."

9:36AM They're in "Wasteland," talking to forgotten cartoon characters. When Mickey talks to Peter Pan's Smee, it plays a cutscene in an interesting cut-paper animation style. Also, Smee is crying.

9:35AM "There's another global hero whose reach has spanned eight decades." Mickey Mouse. "It sets a new tone and a new direction for this world-reknowned character." Warren Spector and Adam Creighton from Disney are here to introduce Epic Mickey (out this holiday season).

9:33AM It looks like a remake of GoldenEye for N64, with Daniel Craig in place of Brosnan. Eight playable characters are shown -- Oddjob being the most memorable one, because, you know, Oddjob. The Wii-exclusive GoldenEye arrives this holiday, Reggie says.

9:32AM "Golden" has an entirely different meaning to other gamers, Reggie says. That was a much better transition! They're showing some focus groups talking about how great GoldenEye 007 is. And now they've introduced the Wii version.

9:31AM The new game is set after Golden Sun. There's some kind of evil black hole thing, and it sounds like it's going to be a future generation from the original characters. It's on the way this holiday season.

9:29AM The new Golden Sun for DS is called Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Yes, that was a strange transition. But now we're watching a trailer for Golden Sun, so it's okay.

9:28AM 40+ new songs, "Dancing Duets," Dance crew face-offs (it is on!), and up to eight can play. Coming Fall 2010.

9:28AM You asked for it: Just Dance 2.

9:27AM Coming this holiday.

9:26AM The next "bridge" game is the previously announced Wii Party. Over 13 different modes, including Board Game Island, Balance Boat, and House Party Games.

9:26AM Mario Kart Wii: over 22 million copies, and NSMB Wii is over 14 million copies. "Bridge titles" between casual and core games.

9:25AM Nearly as many people intend to buy a Wii in the next six months than the other two consoles combined, he says.

9:24AM Reggie is now dispelling the myth that Wii hasn't sold a bunch.

9:23AM "You'll be in the action with Mario next year."

9:23AM It's some kind of Mario sports collection. Dodge ball, basketball ... Mario Sports Mix.

9:22AM A new Mario sports game. Volleyball! ... And ice hockey!

9:22AM Introducing us to titles squarely aimed at universal appeal in this segment. He's talking about sports now.

9:20AM At the end of this trailer, Link jumps off a cliff. Definitive series ending? (Probably not.) And Reggie's back to introduce the next thing.

9:19AM "You can all look forward to playing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword next year."

9:18AM It's playable on the show floor.

9:18AM Next item: the whip! Controlled pretty much how you'd imagine. Miyamoto is cutting grass with it. And now he's smashing a goblin thing in the face. It's not doing much but annoying it. Miyamoto quickly switched to the sword. The whip worked well against bats, however.

9:16AM Archery looks very similar to Wii Sports Resort, with representative motion. And now the drone thing: it's a mechanical beetle that you shoot out, controlling its flight with the Wiimote. You can use this to pick up items.

9:15AM Something is interfering with the Wiimote signal. Link is spinning wildly. They're half-joking about interference from wireless devices. Shades of Apple!

9:14AM Raise the Wii Remote to throw bombs, and it displays an arc on the screen for its path. You can also roll them underhand. Finally, a Zelda/Wii Sports Bowling crossover.

9:13AM Shooting skulltulas with the slingshot. Aim with the pointer and tap A to shoot. There's no pullback. Also, Miyamoto is not good at shooting skulltulas.

9:11AM The style is semi-cel-shaded. Somewhere between Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker. Cartoony, but with more detail.

9:10AM A door with an eyeball. It closes if you try to cut it, but Miyamoto kind of hypnotized it by waving the sword around. Now the shield. Miyamoto used a shield bash to reflect a rock to an Octorok.

9:09AM Enemy plant things whose mouths are open in different orientations. You half to slice them in half in the correct direction, vertically for vertically opening mouths, etc.

9:08AM Miyamoto is now demonstrating. Use A and B button on the Wii Remote, C and Z on Nunchuk, everything else is realistic motion. Shake your right hand to draw your sword. He's cutting a big mushroom now.

9:07AM Miyamoto just virtually cut through the screen and emerged onto the stage. "You know what? I think I'll explain it myself." In English!

9:06AM Miyamoto (again, on video) passes it to Bill Trinen, who is demonstrating the game. He's walking with the control stick, waving the sword around with the Wiimote.

9:05AM The brief clip showed a 3D Zelda as usual, with some kind of item like a flying drone in one scene. Now Miyamoto is talking (on video) about making a Zelda game that lets you use the sword and shield for real (with Wii MotionPlus).

9:04AM The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

9:04AM Zelda trailer! Link faces the audience, draws the sword, and now gameplay footage!

9:02AM Reggie has emerged. "HD and 3D, button control and motion control, and no controller at all." Just some of the hot topics, Reggie says.

9:01AM The event is starting!

8:55AM We've been sitting here so long, the trivia is repeating. It's like the Virtual Console of conference trivia, letting us experience the classics once again.

8:48AM We're seated directly behind Peter Moore and John Riccitiello. If Peter has a 3DS tattoo, we can't see it from here.

8:47AM In which game did Mario wear a sombrero? If you know, you might just be ... the master of Nintendo conference trivia.

8:46AM We've taken our seats. Instead of just watching the same brand reel on a loop, Nintendo opted to give us some Nintendo trivia on the screen. "Which game has recently became the "fastest selling new IP from a third-party publisher on the Wii console?" It's Just Dance!

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