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Please stand by: Fallout Online gets its own website


The Interplay/Bethesda Fallout legal battle is one mired in as much speculation as it is in fact, although we do know that Interplay has been attempting to get a Fallout MMO project off the ground for some time now. Code-named V13, Fallout Online is currently Interplay's baby, although we haven't seen a clear go-ahead due to the legal struggle over the rights.

It was a bit of a surprise, then, to see a teaser website for Fallout Online launch with little fanfare. Currently, there isn't much there, just a brief glimpse at a workshop desk with various Fallout references to the Master, Brahmin, and Nuka-Cola before a form obscures the screen. You then can sign up for their mailing list, as well as a beta opt-in. Following that, you are unceremoniously sent to the Interplay forums.

It looks legit, too: Interplay is promoting Fallout Online from their main website, and the new teaser site is indeed registered to Interplay Entertainment Corp. Seeing as how Fallout fans are incredibly passionate about this franchise, even a hint that this MMO is progressing toward launch should come as a jolt of radioactive bliss. Check out the website and let us know what you think!

[Thanks Eric "Nickelpat" Minaker!]

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