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Swordsman Online looks to bring Louis Cha's famous novels to life


At E3, we learned that Perfect World Entertainment (Battle of the Immortals, Perfect World) is working on a new MMO tentatively titled Swordsman Online. Based on the book series by Louis Cha, Swordsman Online will take players back to ancient China, where martial arts and bravery were needed to win the day. As with Perfect World Entertainment's other MMOs, Swordsman Online will adapt a free-to-play model.

Louis Cha, who also goes under the pen name of Jin Yong, may not be a household name in your neck of the woods, but trust us, he's incredibly popular in China where he's written well over a dozen best-selling historical martial arts novels. His Swordsman books, in particular, are well-loved and were made into a hit movie franchise starring Jet Li.

Massively will be sitting down with Perfect World Entertainment tomorrow at the convention to talk about Swordsman Online as well as their other titles. We'll hopefully get our first look at the game, and bring to you our findings as well as the debut trailer. If you have any questions you'd like us to ask them, please throw them into the comments section!

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