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Breakfast Topic: I am hopelessly insane

Matthew Rossi

Yet another warrior to 80 and being fed face first through the dungeon finder. Yet another chance to be irritated with my action bar, to slowly watch incremental DPS increases with every new piece of gear and wonder what kind of brain sickness I have that makes me do this. (In honor of Dominic Hobbs, I'm required to say, "Whatever it is at least it can't force me to like playing a mage." Then there's a rimshot.) What really gets me is that it's all the same stuff I've done before and yet I find the process completely engaging. I love watching my DPS pop up bit by bit. It was one of the best parts of getting my tauren geared up. Going from the bottom of the run to the top. Even more than that, I love experimenting with crazy ideas (a strength gemming arms warrior build, for instance) and seeing how it goes. I enjoy the freedom of being able to tear everything down and rebuild it from the ground up that I lack on my main.

I don't know why, but there's something about the guild raiding environment that, while I enjoy it, becomes rigid and confining. I'm not really free to just play around with whatever crazy idea I have. So I ask you: do you have any habits you engage in when playing that even you think are mad, bad or even dangerous?

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