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Happening leverages Yahoo events search for your iPhone


It's a little bit odd that there's no official iPhone app for Yahoo's Upcoming service. With community-contributed event listings sorted and searchable by location, there's a natural fit between Upcoming and the iPhone -- yet there's nothing from the big Y! in the App Store for this service. (Not to say they're asleep at the wheel -- the Yahoo! Entertainment app for iPad is a delight.)

Good thing, then, that there's Nik Fletcher. The UK-based developer (and former TUAW blogger) has released the US$1.99 Happening app, which delivers all of the Upcoming events for your locale in an easy and manageable app. You can search for events by name or by venue, and if you sign in to your Upcoming account, you can RSVP for events or keep track of which friends are attending the same shindig. Venues are displayed with in-app map support, and you can jump out to the full Maps app for directions.

Obviously, if Upcoming doesn't have much goin' on in your vicinity, the app won't do you much good; you can add your own events at, though, and populate the party.

Earlier this week, Happening was cited as one of 10 "beautiful and usable" iPhone/iPad apps by Mashable, and it's true; the app has a lovely look to it. Nik promises improvements in upcoming builds, including event sharing via Twitter. If you're looking for something fun to do near you, check it out.

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