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HTC Desire in the US pipeline for 'select regional operators' this August

Chris Ziegler

Since neither T-Mobile nor AT&T have ponied up a branded, high-end Android device yet (though the former is almost certainly about to announce the Galaxy S), we were particularly chuffed to get the news from HTC today that it'll be bringing the lovely Desire to US shores through carriers in August. Thing is, it won't be coming through any of the big guys -- instead, it's destined for "select regional operators," and HTC is quick to note that the Hero has been "well received... in regional markets," so we imagine some of those same little guys will be scooping the Desire. We're told to wait for word from specific carriers on pricing and technical details, but the branded Desires have been confirmed to sport a 1GHz Snapdragon and Sense atop Android 2.1, two of the most important line items -- now let's just make sure we're already cracking on a Froyo update, yeah?

Update: Cellular South is on the short list, which makes sense since they carried the Hero as well. Thanks, Richard!

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