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LEGO Universe starts its countdown to launch

Traditionally, October is a time for spooks and ghosts, tricks and treats. This year, however, you can add nexus-infused undead pirates, ninjas, robots, and more, as we just got word today that LEGO Universe will be launching to pre-order "Founders" on October 12th, and to everyone else on October 26th -- just in time for Halloween hijinks. We also have news that the game will be available to both PC and Mac players, thanks to a Cider port for the LEGOmaniac Mac-heads in the house.

Along with the update on launch, we've managed to scoop up several new videos that we've tucked behind the break; they run the gamut from cinematic trailer to actual game footage. Furthermore, we've got a gallery chock full of screenshots and bits of concept art from the folks at NetDevil and LEGO for you to check out too.

As if that weren't tempting enough, we have an interview coming up with the minds behind this brick-filled MMO later this week, so be on the lookout for that if you're hungry for even more on LEGO Universe.

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