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More international iPhone 4 pricing plans released


Now that iPhone 4 pre-orders have begun, international providers are releasing their data plans. First off, the UK's Orange has outlined its pay monthly, pay-as-you-go (PAYG) and business plans.

The monthly plans offer two options: 24 months and 18 months. The 24 month plan offers 5 price points, ranging from £30 to £75. The low-end offers 150 minutes, 250 texts and no tethering. On the high end you get unlimited minutes and texts, tethering (3GB worth), 100 European roaming minutes, 25MB of European Internet roaming and a pony.*

The 18-month plan offers monthly costs ranging from £35 - £75, with 600 minutes and 500 texts on the low end, and 3,000 minutes and 500 texts on the high end. Under this plan, tethering is available in bundles starting at £5 per month.

The PAYG plans feature cutsey animal names (Monkey, Dolphin, Canary, Raccoon and Camel) and benefits like free music and texts (Monkey), unlimited free texts (Dolphin) and free evening & weekend calls (Canary).

Business plans are on similar schedule (24 and 18 months) with prices ranging between £30-£50 on both plans. The big daddy is the "infinity" plan which offers unlimited everything for £95.

In related news, Canadian customers have a reason to celebrate. They can by a 4G iPhone directly from Apple and it will arrive at their maple-scented homes completely unlocked. Here it is from the horse's mouth: "By purchasing your iPhone without a contract, you can use any SIM or micro-SIM card from a compatible carrier, including your current one."

You lucky dogs. Take pity on your AT&T-bound southern neighbors.

*OK, no pony.

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