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Fujitsu and Toshiba cellphone units merge, become second-largest Japanese mobile company

Nilay Patel

Merger mania in the Japanese smartphone market, as Toshiba and Fujitsu have decided to combine their mobile operations, creating what will be the second-largest Japanese phone maker after Sharp. The move comes just over a year after these two merged their hard drive operations, so clearly the love here is deep. Fujitsu will reportedly own 70-80 percent of the new company, as it's actually a bigger mobile player -- but it mostly makes dumbphones with gimmicky features for the domestic market, which is why it's buying Toshiba and its lineup of smartphones like the Snapdragon-powered TG02. Of course, the TG02 runs Windows Mobile, so it's not like it represents any sort of future, but we'd bet it'd look real nice running Android or Windows Phone 7. We'll see how quickly these two can get in the game -- the mobile market isn't for the faint of heart.

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