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FusionFall & Ben 10 Omniverse heading overseas

When it comes to free-to-play games, normally we hear about companies from Asia importing their games to us here in the US and EU. This time around, we get to turn the tables, as Cartoon Network Digital is sending its popular free-to-play browser-based games to the Eastern markets. That's right, with the creation of Turnout Ventures -- a combination of Turner Entertainment Asia and Outblaze Investments -- people in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand will get a chance to check out FusionFall and Ben 10 Omniverse for themselves.

"The launch of the incredible online experience FusionFall in the Asia-Pacific region and mutually beneficial partnerships with Ben 10 MMOG publishers such as Omedia and c2vision, are set to bring gamers never-before-seen levels of immersive game play, as well as create even more localized, partnership opportunities," said Benjamin Grubbs, Regional Director, Interactive Media, Turner Entertainment Networks Asia and General Manager, TurnOut Ventures. "Most importantly, these initiatives build on and extend our iconic properties into the online space, so that fans can be part of the Cartoon Network experience anytime and anywhere."

Meanwhile, here in the States, FusionFall has noted that over 9 million accounts have been created in the West, which certainly bodes well as a start for this venture. Considering World of Warcraft has easily half of their entire 11.5 million players overseas, then spreading the FusionFall and Ben 10 Omniverse love is a wise strategic decision.

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