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iPad hacked with Verizon MiFi innards


Here's a mod for everyone crying into their Rice Krispies because the iPad isn't on Verizon. Someone at the Dish Network Store has taken apart a Verizon MiFi and crammed its brain into a 3G iPad (after removing the AT&T parts, of course). The result is a Verizon-powered iPad that's also a mobile hotspot called the "iPiFi."

The MiFi's innards are narrower than the iPad's AT&T parts, but also taller. Getting it in place meant removing a portion of the iPad's speaker assembly. The modder claims that the effect on sound quality was minimal, and we can only take his word on it.

Those of you with a MiFi know that it shuts itself off after 30 minutes of inactivity. How would or soldering superhero deal with that? Why, install a simple switch from Radio Shack and poke it through the slot meant for a SIM card, of course. Now the iPiFi's connectivity can be restarted with the flick of a fingernail.

Still, two problems remained. One was the MiFi's blinding green power indicator light, which was visible through the display. That was easily removed with needlenose pliers. Finally, the MiFi was connected to the iPad's internal antenna which provides plenty of reach.

That's all cool, but what has he lost? His warranties, for one. GPS is also out the window. But those are small prices to pay for such a cool mod. An iPad that provides Wi-Fi connectivity for itself and four other devices? Yes, please.

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