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Nintendo's Iwata hints at possible 3D console down the road


You wouldn't have guessed it given Nintendo's outright dismissal of 3D glasses during its E3 keynote this week, but it looks like company CEO Satoru Iwata is at least open to the possibility of a 3D game console down the road -- which would, presumably, require 3D glasses. Speaking to Nikkei, Iwata said that while 3D image quality would currently be "extremely bad" (apparently referring to the Wii), he said that "we'd probably do it with the next system," adding that the timing for a release of a 3D-enabled console would be around when 3D television adoption rates cross the 30% mark. Needless to say, that could be a ways off, and Iwata has already said that Nintendo is in no hurry to the replace the Wii. Iwata does certainly seem to be committed to 3D gaming in general, however, with him flatly saying that "in the future, 3D will become the mainstream of gaming."

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