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Chill out in Frigost with a DOFUS beta key from Massively

Ankama Games has just updated their DOFUS servers, and are introducing an all new area, Frigost, for players to check out. This chilly area is for those adventurers who have attained level 100 or higher, and offers lots of new challenges in the form of frozen lake dungeons and icy fields of enemies to battle through. There's also shiny new equipment, all new quests, and a new ice DOFUS (or dragon egg for those not familiar) for players to be found among the riches of this new land.

For those readers who have been playing DOFUS for some time, or are just looking for a fun new free-to-play game to check out, we've managed to snag 200 beta keys to get you into the frosty lands of Frigost early. All you have to do to snag one is to head over to our beta code giveaway page, grab a key, then follow the directions there to get signed up!

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