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iPhone 4 lineup starts in Texas


Don't mess with Texas. Especially Dallas resident Justin Wagoner. He's the first in line for an iPhone 4 at Apple Store Knox Street. For those of you who just glanced at your calendar, you're right. He's a week early.

Calling himself "...a very determined fan," Justin has been posting about his residency on Knox Street on the Macrumors Forums. Inside his tent he's got sleeping gear, a chair, food and drinks and power for his devices. He says that the Apple Store staff have been treating him "like a king." I'm not surprised. When I was in line for an iPad in Boston (only a few hours for me), the staff at the Boylston Street Store were cheering for Miles, our line's leader.

Before you call Justin crazy, remember that a few New Yorkers lined up for the 3G iPhone and the original iPhone a week ahead of time. Here's hoping Justin enjoys his week's "vacation" and, more importantly, his new iPhone 4.

[Via MacDailyNews]

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