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TUAW's Daily App: Super QuickHook


Hook Champ is a popular title on the iPhone, a game in which you use a little hook to drive a little guy through a series of haunted ruin stages. Super QuickHook is basically a sequel to the first game -- it's done by the same developers, but the gameplay has been tweaked a little bit to offer up a different kind of challenge. While Hook Champ is a little more like a platformer, with designed levels, Super QuickHook has your hero swinging through randomly generated levels, in a Canabalt-style setup mixed with the hook-swinging gameplay.

As you can probably imagine, it's great fun. The app is on sale right now for an intro price of $1.99, though the normal price is $2.99, still a quality deal for a very nice app. And updates are coming soon, with new levels, new items, and new achievements. Even if you missed grappling through Hook Champ, be sure to give this one a look.

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