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iTunes 9.2 adds checkbox for automatic sync of new apps

TJ Luoma, @tjluoma

We already told you about iTunes 9.2 being released, but there was a little new feature in there which may have escaped your notice. At the bottom of the list of apps that you can install on your iDevice is a checkbox to automatically sync new apps.

This has been the default behavior of iTunes, but you are now able to turn it off if you don't want apps to be automatically sync'd to your iDevices.

Thanks to TUAW reader Mike (aka MC SE7EN) for the tip. Mike also pointed out that the little iOS device images that appear next to the device name, identifier, etc, seem to be pictured running iOS 4, even if your device isn't. If you look closely you can see a folder icon. Well, Mike could. My eyes apparently aren't as good as his.

Updated 7:30 pm to clarify that this was the default behavior which now has an "off" switch.

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