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The Daily Grind: Do cinematics make you want to play?

Jef Reahard

The Massively chat room, as well as the rest of the nerdosphere, was all abuzz this past Monday morning as some kind soul leaked the new Star Wars: The Old Republic cinematic that BioWare had been saving for this week's E3 reveal. Despite a quick retraction of the offending YouTube link, the clip remained viewable for some time prior to its official release, and frankly we all watched it.

Leaving aside the ethical question of leaks (and wink/nudge "leaks"), the thought occurred to me that while the video is a marvel of CGI artistry and admittedly feeds the inner fanboi fire, it also bears absolutely no resemblance to what the actual game it is advertising will look or play like.

So I ask you, Massively readers, do cinematics like this inspire you to play the game, or do you simply acknowledge them for the technical tour-de-force that they are and seek out definitive gameplay details before making a purchase decision?

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