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Anarchy Online celebrates its 9th birthday with a giant duck


Quick -- make a wish, Anarchy Online, and blow out those birthday candles so we can have some of that early-2000s cake! Might be a little old-fashioned with sharp polygons, but plenty of people are still lining up for a slice of its moist gameplay.

Tortured metaphor aside, a MMO once renowned for the worst launch of all time is now a year shy of its decade anniversary. Anarchy Online was a bit of a maverick when it launched in 2001, a sci-fi MMO muscling in on fantasy's turf. By all accounts, Funcom's first MMO is still strutting strong, particularly after offering a free-to-play option a few years back and prepping a visual overhaul.

Funcom has a good deal planned for Anarchy Online's ninth birthday, including several in-game events and special items. A groovy new bike, a cardboard hat, a giant walking mech and a new "super-secret" building will be available later this week. It's also the third birthday Mr. Squeaky, NipponTech's corporate mascot, and as the website reminds us, "Mr. Squeaky makes for happy fun times!"

There's also a huge party for all inhabitants of Rubi-Ka, where Funcom will be throwing tons of presents to the crowd. Partygoers can catch the action at the ICC Headquarters in Andromeda on June 26th. It starts at 15:00 GMT on Atlantean, and moves over to Rimor at 21:00 GMT. Be there or be a really square duck!

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