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Apple wants the FCC to keep quiet on iPhone 4

Keith M

What could be lurking among the iPhone 4's innards that hasn't already been disclosed to the public? Apparently Apple isn't just hinting that there's more than meets the eye with the new iPhone 4, they're flat-out admitting it.

In a recent letter filed with the FCC, Apple has requested that several details from its filings for the iPhone 4 not be released to the public. Apple explains that these documents (including schematics and user manuals) contain trade secrets that have not yet been exposed to the public, and to reveal them now could harm the company. Apple is asking that the FCC keep these documents from the public until 45 days after certification of the licenses are granted.

Obviously the question on anyone's mind here is: what are they hiding? Haven't there already been enough iPhone 4 tear-downs that we should know if there's anything significant there? And will we get the full skinny before those 45 days have elapsed?

[via Patently Apple]

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