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Best Buy's iPhone 4 inventory plans revealed by another purported leak

Vlad Savov

Seriously, can't we keep any mystery in our lives anymore? After we saw what's purported to be Best Buy's "playbook" for the iPhone 4 debut yesterday, today we're being treated to an inventory list revealing the stock ordered up from Apple for the big retailer's launch of the new handset. Black 16GB variants of the iPhone 4 dominate, with up to 70 per store, but the leak also includes smaller orders for the white 32GB units as well. None of these are in stock yet, mind you, and that playbook did serve up some confusing messages as to whether Best Buy will have any unreserved iPhones to sell at all on launch day. Still, at least you'll now have a better idea of which locations stand the best chance of dishing out some of that Apple pie you crave so much.

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