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Microsoft waiting for more 3D adoption before joining the race


Sony is pushing 3D gaming as a companion piece for its high-end televisions. Nintendo is bundling a 3D gaming system with its own, tiny high-end television. Microsoft, the first out of the gate in the current generation with the Xbox 360, is hanging back from the 3D race. Even though the Xbox 360 is capable of displaying 3D visuals (as it did for the Avatar game), Xbox head of global marketing Albert Penello told CVG that the company is happy to be behind the curve in terms of making a major push.

"We're going to take more of an attitude of seeing what the adoption looks like," Penello said. "Right now, there's nothing technically that we can't do on the 3D side - we already have games out there today." He reminded CVG that Microsoft is not totally opting out of 3D gaming: " But for us right now, we're more on the 3D input take, you know, revolutionising things with Kinect." In other words, in Nintendo-land, you look at games in 3D. But in Xbox-land, games look at you!

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