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Nintendo continuing work on Vitality Sensor, 'really about relaxing'


Nintendo wowed E3 audiences this year when it unveiled the Nintendo 3DS. However, the Vitality Sensor, a mysterious peripheral for Wii announced at last year's E3, was missing from the lineup. What happened to it? Nintendo EVP Cammie Dunaway told Game Set Watch that Nintendo is "continuing to work on the Vitality Sensor." The reason for its absence? Nintendo had too much to show, such as the two dozen games showcased for the 3DS. "We realized we had a really packed agenda," Dunaway admitted.

Fans upset about the Vitality Sensor's absence won't have to wait until next year's E3 to find out more about the device, however. "We decided we'd think about other venues that would be more appropriate," Dunaway explained. "[E3] is noisy and adrenaline-filled, and loud and stressful, and it just didn't seem like the best environment to introduce a product that's really about relaxing."

But Cammie, will it help you be better at interviews? You wouldn't want Ubisoft to outdo Nintendo, would you?

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