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The Daily Grind: Everybody wants to rule the guild (probably)

Eliot Lefebvre

Others have said it before, but it bears repeating: Human beings take part in politics with the most intensity when there's the least at stake. You only have to look at the political dynamics of guilds (by any name) to see the principle in action. Even though the organizations are wholly voluntary, people fight for their position within the guild ferociously. Internal and intra-corporation conflicts in EVE Online are so vicious that some incidents are almost legendary. The drama that can erupt in guilds of almost any size and purpose is familiar to almost any player.

Some people, of course, work overtime to either ignore politics or stay uninvolved. But there are often an awful lot of people who want an officer position as soon as it becomes available, sometimes with very little consideration for what being an officer might actually entail. The fact that more people want power than know what to do with it is an old truism. Where do you stand in the schematic? Do you try to advance yourself in your guild's power structure, or are you happier being a smaller part of the machine?

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