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FIFA 11 to add custom audio feature


During E3, FIFA 11 producer David Rutter briefly demonstrated the game's new "Personality+" framework, which aims to better recreate each player's real-life abilities and personality in the game. Using an early build of the game, Rutter showed how Arsenal defender Sol Cambell has been reduced to a lumbering dribbler -- at least compared to teammate Andrey Arshavin, a nimble-footed midfielder. By contrast, Cambell's tackle zone had been made far more expansive than Arshavin's. Aside from these obvious skill tweaks, it remains to be seen how much individual "personality" will factor into the gameplay.

Actually, FIFA 11 will allow players to add a bit of their own personal touch to the overall presentation. Rutter confirmed that the game will support custom audio settings, allowing players to upload sound clips -- chants, music tracks, 90,000 resounding vuvuzelas -- into the game and set them to play in accordance with various events in the match.

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