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Funcom's Morrison answers frank forum questions

Jef Reahard

Game developers are rarely forthcoming with their customers, and given the realities of competition and the amount of money funneled into marketing budgets these days, that's not really surprising. What is surprising is the accessibility and frankness of developers like Age of Conan game director Craig "Silirrion" Morrison, who recently took the time to post at length on the game's forums.

The Funcom executive producer responded directly to a number of questions generated by an unhappy subscriber, and, even though the ensuing discussion occasionally veered into troll territory, managed to acquit himself (and the game) rather well.

"Firstly I don't think we need a 'savior game plan' as we don't need 'saving'. The game is stable and has just had a succesful launch of an expansion pack. Is there stuff we still want to improve? Yes, there sure is, and is there lots of new stuff we want to add in over the coming years, yup, same again, definitely is. So no resting on laurels, MMO development is an ongoing affair and we are committed to keep on improving the game and what it offers," Morrison wrote.

You can read the full exchange on the official Age of Conan forums.

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