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Gallery: PDP's peripheral lineup demoed at E3

PDP is quickly making a name for itself as a manufacturer of quality peripherals, and one lap around the company's E3 booth showed why. Though companies like PDP are still battling with the perception that third-party controllers and other complimentary devices are sub-par knock-offs, much of PDP's line of products don't just feel sturdy and well-made -- some are actually pretty innovative, to boot.

The Afterglow collection is PDP's current bread and butter. Each comes with built-in Red, Green or Blue LEDs, and clock in roughly $10 below MSRP of their first-party equivalent. The highlight is the Wii controller, which not only sports a $29.99 price tag, but features a much more ergonomic button layout: The Plus and Minus buttons are now located directly to the left and right of the A button, while the 1 and 2 buttons are skewed slightly to the left and right, giving players a better indication of which input they're sliding their thumbs over.

A few other peripherals didn't have quite so much in the function department, but more than made up for them with form. The Tron-inspired controllers looked awfully sharp, while the Epic Mickey Wiimote dock made us reconsider our firm position against novelty controller charging stations. Check out the full lineup of PDP's current and future products in the gallery below.

Gallery: PDP E3 Booth Tour | 36 Photos

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