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Popbox updates: July 4th launch window, final word on content partners (Netflix) promised soon


The Popbox isn't the only media streamer to have suffered delays since its CES 2010 debut (Boxee Box) but it is nearing availability, and the official blog has been busy reassuring potential buyers it will be everything it can be. As of the most recent update, we should expect hardware to roll out July 4, but there's no word yet whether Netflix will actually be present among the content partners when it ships. ZatzNotFunny noticed weeks ago the movie rental shop's logos had disappeared from Popbox materials and the manufacturer has so far offered no specific reaction, only that it can't discuss the details of its interaction with "top video partners." A complete list of content providers is promised prior to any Amazon preorders shipping, but your guess is as good as ours as to when that will happen, so Watch Instantly fans should definitely continue to keep an eye out.

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