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Two days without an iPhone

Mel Martin

Last week I went and did it. I reserved the new iPhone. I'll pick it up Thursday morning. To keep the purchase price cheap, I sold my old one to Nextworth, one of a few firms that gives good deals on used electronics. I sent it in yesterday to make sure it got there in time, because they want it postmarked within a week of the price quote.

Two days, I thought. I can get along without my iPhone for 2 days, right? Silly me.

I hadn't realized how dependent I'd become on that little fella. I grabbed a bite out for lunch and realized that I had no New York Times to read while I dined. No emails. No using iCam to check the household parrot. I felt utterly and absolutely naked. Worse, I kept reaching up to my pocket to grab my non-existent phone. Yikes!

I've had cell phones for years, back to the days where you carried a brick with a big battery and threw it in the car. I've had Sony Ericcson phones, the Razr, even a Motorola Q. They've come and gone, and every so often I would leave for work or play and forget them. No big deal.

Times have changed. We're deluged with text messages, emails, news we have to keep up with. Somehow, the iPhone 'lifestyle' had burrowed into my daily routine to an extent I hadn't realized.

It may be that we are too involved with our electronic devices. I now have a chance to live life for another day without the digital tentacles grabbing at my free moments. Maybe I can reflect more, smell the proverbial roses, have a few electronic-free hours.

I have to admit, it has been tough so far. Thursday, I'll be in line with many of you, happily awaiting the next big advancement in communications. I'll be easy to recognize; I'll be the guy not checking his email, taking pictures, or getting my GPS location just because I can.

How about you? Have you had to go without your iPhone for an extended time? And how did you do?

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