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DirecTV adds 14 HD channels


While DISH Network has taken a temporary step back in its number of HD channels, DirecTV just lit up a few more HD channels. These were among the list trumpeted during the "how do you count to 200 channels?" debate back in April, while several of the Spanish language networks mentioned them have already been activated, this list of 14 consists of movie channels and regional sports networks. be sure to keep your channel count scorecards updated accordingly.

  • Hallmark HD
  • Lifetime HD
  • HBO2 HD East
  • HBO Zone HD
  • Showtime Beyond HD
  • Showtime Next HD
  • Showtime Women HD
  • TMC Xtra HD East
  • Starz Cinema HD
  • Starz in Black HD
  • Encore HD EAST
  • CSN Bay Area
  • CSN California
  • FSN Florida

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