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Evernote launches in Japan, updated for iOS 4.0


Mac & iPhone-friendly memory service Evernote has announced this morning that it's launching in Japan -- a new subsidiary called Evernote Japan will be headquartered in Tokyo. While a Japanese version of Evernote launched a while ago, it's become the company's second largest market, taking up fifteen percent of the daily traffic on the service.

What this means for non-Japanese users is that the main app will now also support Japanese character recognition -- while handwritten characters still probably won't work with the service, we're told, printed Japanese characters can be read by the app from photographs and scans.

Additionally, the iOS 4.0 version of Evernote already came out on the App Store, featuring multitasking support, as well as improved synchronization. Both the iPad and iPhone versions of Evernote are free, of course, and you can sign up for the service on their website. Sounds like things are growing in leaps and bounds for the folks over at Evernote.

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