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Kingdom Hearts: Re:Coded getting graphics and combat upgrade, FF13 cameo


The latest Famitsu has an interview with Square Enix producer Tetsuya Nomura about Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded, the game originally leaked by a voice actor and then officially announced at E3 last week. The title is indeed a remake of the mobile phone game from Japan -- Square Enix found that none of the phones required to play the game were sold in North America, so it decided to bring it to the Nintendo DS instead. The hardware will bring 3D models into some parts of the game, and the battle system will be different, incorporating some elements from 358/2 Days, though Nomura says it will be more casual than that game.

And the extra development time will allow Square Enix to sneak some more characters in, too, including Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning. Which sounds great to us -- in fact, we'll take anyone but Hope. Man, Hope is really annoying.

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