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Counter-Strike Source out for Mac


Just in case you missed it yesterday, Counter-Strike is now available ... wait for it ... for the Mac. Yes, possibly the most premiere PC game of all time is now playable (specifically the Source version) natively on the Mac, thanks to Valve's own Steam distribution service. And it's another Steam Play title, which means that if you own it on the PC (which you probably do if you've ever played FPS games in your life), you can download and play it right now on the Mac as well. You can even play cross-platform, so your buddies on the PC can finally let you into their clan -- assuming you're leet enough.

Just in case you don't own it, the game is also on sale right now for under $7. I tweeted on our @TUAW account last night that this might be the last big title in the Source library for the Mac (along with Half-Life and Team Fortress 2), but many of our followers correctly pointed out that we haven't seen Left 4 Dead or its sequel released on our platform yet, so stay tuned for that. A few of you also complained that Day of Defeat hadn't been brought over to the Mac yet, and that's true as well, though I wouldn't quite consider that as "canon" as the other games. But whatever floats your boat -- the more games on our platform, the better.

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