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Global Agenda going subscription free

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Yes, you read that correctly. Members of the Global Agenda community received a survey recently that hinted at a change to the business model, and it looks like a decision has been made.

Hi-Rez founder and CEO Erez Goren tweeted the news just a short time ago: "Global Agenda going subscriptions free," and the information was followed up quickly with a forum post that began "Hi-Rez Studios announced today that Global Agenda is now 100% subscription free. Purchasers of Global Agenda can enjoy the game's full current content, including all current Player-vs-Player combat, Player-vs-Environment solo and co-op content, and Agency-vs- Agency seasons, without a monthly subscription payment now or in the future. Future content updates will be delivered via optional paid expansions."

You can view the full post on the official Global Agenda forums.

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