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The Daily Grind: What's your briefest MMO dalliance?

Eliot Lefebvre

There are some games that we play for months on end and never even bat an eye at the timing. And then there are games that we are given for free and never pick up after two days of play, even if we have no particular reason for leaving them behind. Usually we talk about the games that suck us in and transport us to a new realm, but it's wrong to ignore the games that don't make it very far out of the shrink-wrapped bundle.

Maybe you always wanted to like City of Heroes, but after four trials that didn't grab you it just wasn't worth the effort. Maybe you had pre-ordered Star Trek Online and decided after the pre-order early launch that you didn't actually want to play it any longer. Or perhaps you'd played on World of Warcraft for one night, then heard about the endgame and walked right back out without looking back. What game has had the shortest lifespan for you as an active player? If it was a game that you did pay for, did you do anything to try and recoup the loss?

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