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Zynga's Frontierville already has 5 million daily active users

Zynga recently learned a very profitable lesson from the launch of its newest casual networking game -- people aren't obsessed with Farms, as it turns out. What they can't get enough of are Villes. The player base for Frontierville, a browser-based family-raising (and, yes, farming) sim set in the Wild West, is evidence of this assertion -- Zynga emailed us earlier today, announcing the game has racked up over 5 million "daily active users" since going live June 9.

Now that we know the keyword capable of attracting millions of potential consumers, we're wondering how we can cash in on its potential. We know we just went through a pretty major relaunch, but we're wondering if its too late to rebrand our humble news site as 'Stiqville. We'll talk to the people upstairs.

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