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All EVE players to receive free Primae planetary industry ship


Following the unscheduled extended downtime caused by the recent EVE Online server move, CCP Games has promised to reimburse players for the lost play time with a small pool of additional skill-points that they can distribute any way they like. CCP went on to hint that they'd been working on a different gift for all players, a cryptic remark that had players both excited and bewildered. In a new devblog, CCP Zinfandel outlined exactly what this gift will be and how players can claim it.

To be released on the 29th of June, the Primae joins the ranks of the Apotheosis and Zephyr as another one-time gift ship delivered to all EVE players. Supplied free of charge by NPC industrial corporation Outer Ring Excavations, the Primae is a ship designed to help in planetary industry. This lightweight hauler features a low signature radius and significant hit-point buffer, making it a more defensible ship with which to haul materials between planets. To ensure it doesn't displace its paper-thin industrial cousins in the general hauling scene, the majority of the ship's cargo space is reserved for planetary equipment and processed materials. Two special bays able to hold only those materials ensure that the ship remains a tool for the planetary industrialists among us. For more details on the Primae and how to claim it after June 29th, read the latest EVE devblog.

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