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Breakfast Topic: What's your story?

Gregg Reece

Blizzard has recently announced its short story contest, which has had several of us here at pondering what we should enter. The choices themselves are fairly open with StarCraft, Warcraft and Diablo universes to choose from. StarCraft has military, covert ops, high technology, space silithids and galactic conquest. Diablo offers a darker fantasy realm than what we play in WoW, with stories of the occult, demons and undead, and heroes rising from hardship to overcome greater evils.

The Warcraft universe itself has a myriad possibilities to borrow, from dinosaurs to steampunk, with the hard honor of the orcs to the nonsensical gadgets of the gnomes. The upcoming Cataclysm also brings forth a lot of story possibilities, as does any time of great change. Races are opening their doors to previously shunned concepts such as night elf mages, while others are rediscovering a lost heritage in the Darkspear tribe's druids. The Lich King's grasp on the world has been beaten back and veterans of the war in Northrend will be returning home to try and resume their previous lives as merchants and farmers. Races like the gnomes and dwarves have had their eyes opened to their origins in titan creation, which could rock the very foundation of their ideals and beliefs.

So, I bring the question to you. What's the story you would write? Will you delve into StarCraft and Diablo or stick with WoW?

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