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Sam Raimi: movie director, level 72 WoW player


You always like to think that the director working on a film adaptation of your favorite video game is actually a fan of the game. Some claim to be, but World of Warcraft director Sam Raimi appears to be the genuine article. Speaking with Collider, Raimi revealed that he's currently rocking a level 72 character in WoW, this after someone wiped his level 29 shaman "by accident."

Raimi also talked about his WoW film due in 2013, of course, confirming that it won't be a Tron-like affair with segments set in the real world and the gameworld -- "It will all be taking place in the world of Warcraft," he said. Also offered: his list of likes about the franchise from a director's perspective, including its scale and locations, calling the world "incredibly, engrossingly terrifying."

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