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The Daily Grind: What's your favorite pseudo-MMO?

Eliot Lefebvre

In recent years, the field of games that could conceivably be referred to as MMOs has exploded. Naturally, there has to be a cutoff at some point, and we here at Massively use finely tuned metrics to determine what does and doesn't qualify. (Our magic 8-ball is exceptionally tuned.) But just below that are games that are very similar to an MMO, even if they don't quite make it there, and with the border so fuzzy, players are bound to cross over.

Naturally, what constitutes a pseudo-MMO versus a full game is going to be a very subjective line, and there are games such as Global Agenda and MAG that straddle the line aggressively. So what game do you enjoy that's similar to an MMO, but doesn't quite make the cut? Is it one of the two aforementioned games? Are you still of the mind that Guild Wars isn't quite there but is still a lot of fun? Or do you dig on something else entirely, like League of Legends?

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