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Video highlights the differences in Final Fantasy XIV test versions

Eliot Lefebvre

We're not done with the love for Final Fantasy XIV around here by a long shot, especially not as the game moves into the next phase of testing. Amidst secondhand reports, allegations, rumors, and the general wall of non-information Square-Enix surrounds the game with, it can be difficult to know whether the new phase of testing has actually changed anything, or we're just looking at the same build with a few names changed. There's a new video making the rounds, however, demonstrating exactly what has changed.

It's easier to understand the changes by watching the video, but in brief: they've improved light sourcing, distance rendering, and a vastly different combat system. The latter is perhaps the most surprising, as the two systems sound similar but have significant differences when compared side by side. Any fan of Final Fantasy XIV is encouraged to watch the video not just to see the version comparisons, but to get a good sense of what the game will look like in action.

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