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Apperang pays users for app installs


The App Store is a busy place -- there are lots and lots of apps out there, and almost all of them need attention. Some developers are apparently willing to pay for that attention, so enter Apperang, a new service that purports to pay users to install certain apps on their iPhones. MobileCrunch has the breakdown -- Apperang has a verification system running that will check if you've installed apps in their system (including Booyah's MyTown and Flixter's Movies -- I saw nine apps on the service, but that may be limited by location), and then will pay out a few cents, both for installing the app yourself, as well as referring it to other Apperang users.

Is it kosher? Pretty much -- lots of app developers already pay for advertising that's targeted towards app installation, and this deal isn't any different. Rather than pocketing all the profit, Apperang is just passing it on. A video on the site shows that Apperang is promising US$.25 per app install (if the app isn't free, they'll reimburse you the purchase price), and their FAQ says that the minimum payout is $1. Payout appears to work through Paypal -- that's the only option I can see so far. For some companies, it's just easier to pay a quarter for a new user rather than gamble on advertising or word-of-mouth.

I do question how scalable it is from Apperang's perspective, and of course, as a user, there are much better ways to make some pocket change

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