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Fallout Online offers up a large FAQ

If tons of tasty information about the upcoming post-apocalyptic playground, Fallout Online, is something you're hungry for, then you're in luck! A fan has compiled Interplay forum responses into a rather lengthy FAQ that's full of all manner of information every vault dweller could possibly want. Well, OK -- not everything. There's still no release date, nor are there tons of beta keys available for the grabbing. However, it's still a nice bundle of information to look over.

Among the morsels on the Fallout Online FAQ are notes on PvP (yes, it will be there), death penalties (definitely worth reading for yourself), and more. It looks like the hotly debated "Project V13" has been moving along more solidly than many might have realized. Head on over to the Interplay forums to read all about it!

[Thanks, Nickelpat!]
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