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iPhone 4 takes great pictures, breaks up robbery


There are many iPhone 4 photos already populating the Interwebs, but relatively few of those galleries end with law enforcement activity.

Fox & Friends
weekend anchor Clayton Morris (also the host of the Gadgets and Games Web show, where I'm pleased to be an occasional guest) was heading home from his early shift on Sunday, and he decided to avail himself of the fine morning light to snap a few 5 MP shots with the new and improved camera.

He produced a nice gallery of pictures (especially the downstairs shot of the Broadway Apple Store), but the last three are a little bit oddly composed. It kinda looks like a guy running away from something, and that's exactly what it was; Morris happened to walk by a store robbery in progress (!) and snapped a few pictures of the suspect fleeing the scene. He also used his iPhone to call 911 and followed the perp long enough to guide the police in for an arrest.

It's likely that these are the first iPhone 4 photos of a crime -- but if you've got one-of-a-kind iPhone pics to share, let us know in the comments!

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