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Psion veteran Charles Davies leaves Nokia for TomTom


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Charles Davies might not be as immediately recognizable as some other industry veterans, but anyone that's been following this business since the early days of PDAs will no doubt be familiar with his work. Davies was Psion's very first employee way back in 1981, and stuck with the company all the way up until 2003 when he left to join Symbian, before moving on to Nokia with the rest of the Symbian staff a few years later. During that time, Davies helped Psion pioneer the use of flash memory and custom silicon in handhelds, served as Symbian's CTO, and helped Nokia head up the strategy and architecture team for its R&D division. What's more, as The Register notes, Davies move to TomTom only further bolsters the ex-Psion ranks at the company -- he'll be joining former Psion CTO Mark Gretton, and former hardware exec Ken McAlpine, who joined TomTom two years ago after a stint at Apple. Still no word on what Davies' exact role at TomTom will be, but the company has confirmed the move, and promises to provide more details at some point.

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