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Bloomberg: vPhone coming in January


That iPhone on Verizon rumor just won't die -- Bloomberg is now reporting that we'll see an iPhone on Verizon's service in January of next year. "Two people familiar with the plans" say that AT&T exclusivity will finally end next year, and analysts say that if that happens, Apple will sell lots more iPhones, up to 3 million more per quarter to Verizon's 90 million or so customers.

Of course there's no comment by Apple or Verizon so far, and I'll point out that we've heard this rumor time and time and time again -- first back in January of this year, then for the new iPhone 4 announcement and WWDC, and now pushed off until next year. Basically, don't hold your breath. It wouldn't be bad to get away from the often complaint-worthy service at AT&T, but if Apple hasn't seen fit to end exclusivity so far (and don't forget that we're still seeing record iPhone sales), why would it do so next year?

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