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Dawntide opens up Conquest design to player community

Jef Reahard

If you've ever wanted a say in the design of a sandbox MMORPG, the developers at Working as Intended have come to your rescue. The indie team behind Dawntide has opened up a forum post soliciting player submissions for a game system called Conquest. You're probably wondering: what is Conquest? Well, apparently it's up to you to help define.

"Internally we have a pretty good idea of what we want Conquest to look like. However, I've been able to convince the powers [that] be that we should let the community get involved with the design/discussion before we write one piece of code. So here is the community's chance to sculpt how Conquest will work. There are no guarantees that the end product will contain all of the ideas, but we'll give it a chance," writes Ronin on the game's official forums.

Check out the post, and be sure to pipe up with your ideas.

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