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IdeaSpark 'tuning' difficulty of MDK2 HD


That fleshy slapping sound you just heard was the massive, simultaneous facepalm of cantankerous old gamers the world over. In an interview with Big Download, BioWare co-founder Trent Oster -- now head of IdeaSpark Labs, which is developing MDK 2 HD -- revealed that his company plans to do some "some tuning" to the notoriously difficult game.

Oster noted that he actually "snapped the Dreamcast controller, popping the VMU across the room" while playing the original game, concluding that "some tuning will be in our to-do list." On behalf of the curmudgeonly gamers with fond memories of MDK 2, we can only hope that the newly adjusted difficulty will be optional.

Read the full interview for more on MDK 2 HD and Beamdog, Oster's new digital distribution service.

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