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Jumsoft expands free Goodies with new Keynote, Numbers, and Sandvox content


After spending your hard-earned money on new iPads, iPhones, and other great hardware from Apple, wouldn't it be nice to get something of value for free? That's the concept behind Jumsoft's Goodies, which include art and templates for a number of Mac applications.

The Lithuania-based developer has recently expanded the Goodies bundle with five Web site designs for Karelia Software's Sandvox application, a set of 500 photos and images to use in Keynote presentations, and nine templates for Numbers.

The Sandvox templates each include ten different page types, everything from a simple rich text page to a detailed site map. Numbers users get nine templates ranging from a dinner planner to a media advertising analyzer, while fans of Keynote will be pleased with 500 textured background photos and still-life images. Those photos and images are also useful in Pages, PowerPoint, or any other situation where professional illustrations are required.

You can download the new Goodies and check out the older ones here. Free stuff is always appreciated -- what are your favorite places to get legal free software, templates, and images? Let us know in the comments.

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